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Here you can view, review, read and listen to all of e² Young Engineers Southwest Florida News, Videos, Photos, and all other posts from our e² community. Enjoy.

Enrollments for the 2018 STEM Super Hero camps are now open

Enrollments for our STEM summer camps for 2018 are now open. Please click Enroll and enter your details to be added to our registration list. You can also email us at SWFL@e2YoungEngineers.com . Lastly, you can text/call on 312-375-0740 to confirm your enrollment. Spaces are limited to ensure a high quality camper experience, hurry before they are gone!

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LEGO Challenge

A short clip from the Railroad Barrier / Ships Barrier LEGO bricks model lesson. The lesson is a part of Young Engineers’ edutainment curriculum – The LEGO Challenge. Enjoy.

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LEGO models

This is a short Video clip about some of our LEGO bricks models, which have been designed by Young Engineers for our community in the enrichment Lego programs.

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