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Young Engineers Workshops

e² Young Engineers developed special LEGO® bricks workshops designed to enhance a number of occasions. Special programs for retirees/seniors called The Golden Age program are desgined to keep the mind active; create a sense of community as well as provide an avenue or set of activities to play with their families. Finally we offer PRO Corporate team building exercises that include fun LEGO build challenges and mini competitions to foster team building.

Golden Age Workshops:

Your golden age is the best time to go back to your childhood, to develop and preserve forgotten skills. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the world of Lego, build models and hold valuable discussions about fascinating issues.
Preserving the motor and cognitive skills and creating a social environment are the most prominent needs of the golden aged population.
In Young Engineers, we developed a diverse curriculum for the golden age, while adapting the subjects, models and discussions, in order to provide the best possible answer for the leisure time of the golden age population.
“What an elder see sitting, the young can’t see standing” (Gustave Flaubert).

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Young Engineers PRO Corporate Team Building Workshop:

In Young Engineers, we believe that successful human capital and good communication skills are a key factor in the prospering company’s DNA.

You are in charge of the human capital! Cooperation, communication skills, teamwork methods and various work experiences can be learned.
In Young Engineers, we have developed sophisticated, fun and (technologically) challenging workshops, in order to provide your employees with a unique and significant growth experience.

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